Current Projects

This is the opening scene of ‘Farragut North’, the January production at New Venture Theatre. A huddle of politicians and a journalist in the bar of an Ohio hotel, during a primary election to select the party’s Presidential candidate.

Interesting to light – I was able to illuminate the actors’ faces from a central lamp hanging over the booth table. The Press Secretary soon fell for the charms of the office Intern, Molly.

As you can see … But he’s targeted by a ‘fixer’ working for a rival politician. They meet at a Mexican restaurant, which I managed to evoke with a simple colour wash.

Michael Folkard’s set design featured pale cream walls, capable of taking on a colour change, which enabled me to alter the atmosphere in each scene, as required. I was able to produce a chilly early morning light for the airport, where campaign manager and press secretary meet.

and warmer illumination for a convention, and for a variety of office locations.

The script called for a selection of hotel bedrooms. We changed the furniture arrangement slightly for each, and I altered the intensity and direction of light as needed.

At the close, the press secretary is fired, and his replacement gives a podium speech in front of a battery of journalists and photographers. We used short bursts of strobe light to simulate the camera flashes.