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For our Brighton Fringe offering in May, NVT did a production of ‘Lulu’.  Director Scott Roberts adapted Frank Wedekind’s plays from 1895 and 1904, producing the two works as a single entity as the author originally intended.

Set designer Charly Somers placed the action within a set of white squares, variously faced in see-through gauze or screens to take back projection.  The actors themselves moved these elements into various arrangements, creating a series of different rooms as required by the play’s narrative.


‘Lulu’ was a tricky production to light, as various set elements needed to be hidden and then later revealed, and I had to avoid bleaching out the projection screens by keeping light from falling on the surface.


















(‘Lulu’ photographs by Jezz Bowden)



There are quite a number of pictures of Federico Garcia Lorca’s ‘Blood Wedding’, as the play’s action takes place over multiple locations.






sxdsc06638When I designed the set and lighting for New Venture’s February production I wanted to evoke those different environments, and also to eliminate distracting, time-consuming set changes between scenes.  So I decided on a very simple arrangement of stage flats to provide a backdrop, which could then be lit to define each location.  Lorca’s script itself specifies that each house has a different coloured interior – and of course the forest has its own requirements.


For the scenes on the terrace of thesxdsc06870 Bride’s house, I built a canopy which could be lowered into position above the action.   Most of my set designs have some movement built into them, to speed up the transitions as the story develops.




‘Blood Wedding’ is a very dark tale of passion and revenge in rural Spain.   The passion for family honour, but also the passion for ownership and control of the land.   Director Chris Dangerfield achieved powerful performances from a large cast.















wdsc05287Teddy brings his wife Ruth back from America to meet the family in London.  It should be a pleasant visit, but not in Harold Pinter’s dark play ‘The Homecoming’ …



‘Disfunctional’ is probably the best word for Teddy’s family – intense sibling rivalry and aggression extending over two generations.

wdsc05328 wdsc05821

Ruth, the newcomer to the family, is more than capable of dealing with the men …   Director Steven O’Shea’s production was done on the wide stage at New Venture, and my lighting had to create a sense of gloomy claustrophobia in that challenging space.









A great production to work on.   I also produced the poster for the show, which you can see on the ‘Theatre Posters’ page of this site – it’s the fourth one as you scroll down.





It’s been almost a year since I designed the lighting for ‘Albatross 3rd and Main’ at Emporium Theatre in Brighton.   Now the show is getting a second production, at the Park Theatre in Finsbury Park, London.






Simon David Eden’s writing is incredibly sharp and funny – his dialogue reminds me strongly of David Mamet or Quentin Tarantino – so it was a real pleasure to be asked to design the lighting again, in a different venue, and work with The Park’s very helpful and friendly technicians.


w2albatross-7The action takes place in a run-down bait and tackle shop somewhere in rural Massachusetts, with the three characters attempting to sell the corpse of a Golden Eagle to Native Americans on the nearby Reservation (it’s sacred to their beliefs), while the US Fish and Wildlife Service are hot on their tail.  Great characters, great comedy.